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About proteina

Proteina was founded by people with a strong passion for sustainability by changing the conventional ways of producing proteins for the animal feed industry.

Our core business is manufacturing proteins with the highest quality standards and in sufficient quantities.

Proteina is considered one of the key players within the Egyptian market for animal protein. Our customers are among the largest feed companies in the local market as well as globally.

Our Mission and Vision

Nature has always had the solution

To continuously strive for the best-in-class protein production and to never lose sight of the ever-changing customer’s demand.

Delivering impact at scale

By constant research for the latest developments in the protein industry and by relentlessly caring for quality control and quality assurance we secure our leading market position.

Proteina Feeds

Proteina is a manufacturer of feather meal proteins which serve as an additive for the animal feed industry (mainly poultry and fish). We have been operating in the Egyptian market for more than 10 years. Throughout the years of experience and ongoing research, we have established a solid foundation in the local market, especially in the fish feed industry. We have become a reliable partner for the market leaders in the feed industry

Proteina organics

Our goal is to establish the first large-scale state-of-the-art Black Soldier Fly Larvae production facility in Egypt. This new, innovative and sustainable protein source will reduce the dependency on expensive and unsustainable imports of fish meal. At the same time we are providing a solution for the immense amount of unprocessed organic waste as our larvae will transform the waste into high-quality fertilizer.

Our products

We ensure that all products supplied by Proteina are consistently qualified for every batch. We not only procure high quality raw materials and run inspections during the production process we also develop and implement advanced management systems which include business management, evaluation systems, and quality control systems to ensure our clients always get best-in-class products and services.

Our customers

Our uniqueness comes from our reputation in providing high quality protein, we are always ready to supply our clients with our products anytime with any quantity, keeping the production cycle running in any given situation no matter the challenges we might face.

Corporate FAQ

Feather Meal
BSF Meal
Organic Fertilizer

Is a sustainable, high quality insect protein derived from black soldier fly larvae comparable to the established fish meal products. In addition, the process will deliver high quality organic fertilizer high in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and lipids oil suitable for use in a number of animal and aquaculture feeds.

The world’s population is projected to grow to over 9 billion people by 2050. In order to feed this many people, food production needs to increase by over 70%. However, food systems are fast approaching their environmental production capacities.
our international reach and our own R&D department we are about to introduce a new category of proteins into the local feed market. We will become part of the circular economy that is about to change the world for a more sustainable future.

Feather meals are ingredients of high nutritive value when processed in an adequate way and simple ‘fine-tuning’ of the diet formulation may be all that is needed to allow feed manufacturers to use a high level of this ingredient in fish and shrimp feeds. It has been shown that the digestibility of feather meal is comparable to that of fish meal in gilthead seabream and feather meals of comparable quality have more than 81% of protein digestibility in trout and can be included up to 17% in the diets without losing performance.